World Hunger Urgency – Feeding Starving and Dying Children – We Can All Get Involved

The world hunger urgency for children is gut wrenching if you take a close look at it. There is a new way for the average person, and not just the rich, to feed starving and dying children with a new business paradigm model. It is hard to fathom in our minds when we don’t see them in person. There is a world hunger urgency for children right now. It is hard to feel these numbers, but close to 6 million children are dying each year from starvation. That comes to about 16,000 children each day, every day, 365 days a year, this year, last year, and year after year. What a horror! There is a new way to raise funds for charities and ministries while feeding starving children around the world. We must do this!

I live in Brevard County, Florida; the Space Coast. We have around 72,000 students enrolled in our public schools. At the rate of children starving to death around the world, it would only take 5 days, 1 week of school, for all of our students to die if they were the ones starving. That is actually, really how many children are dying all around the world. Wow, the number of all of the children and youth in my county dead in one week! What would I do? What would we all do? What can we do?

For the most part, the rich, governments, and religious organizations do what they can to feed the starving and malnutritioned. Yet, we still have so many dying. The only way to actually feed all of the children of the world is for the average person to be able to help. However, the average person doesn’t have the money! What do we do? Is there anything we can do?

Yes, yes, yes there is! I’m singing this song to ask you to look within your heart. Help us feed the starving children wherever you are. Join in this from a business perspective so we can actually accomplish it.

Burdened, Joe H.

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