Public Relations For a Non-Profit – Thank You Letters For Post Fundraising Event

If you run a non-profit group you must be very tactful and be sure to thank everyone who helped you with your fundraising event. Including any business, individuals or organization, which allowed you to use their property. This community goodwill is extremely important because we all know that public fundraising events never go perfectly. In fact there is always something that aggravates the volunteers or property owners, who take a little bit of a risk even allowing you to do something on their property.

Below is a copy of a sample Thank You Letter to a property owner for allowing a non-profit group to have a car washing fundraiser on their property. You will of course need to adjust it to fit your non-profit group or event but this should help you and Continued Success in all your community efforts.


Our group, your group’s name ,would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the privilege of using your address property for our annual car wash fundraiser. We raised well over $_________ at this years event. We realize that without your generosity and selflessness none of this would have been possible. Your property, with its excellent location and well maintained appearance, provided us with the extra kick needed to make this years car wash fundraiser the biggest and best to date. Not only did we raise funds needed to sustain our organization, but we were able to let our members feel good about earning the monies personally.

This fundraiser helped unite our group in a way that could not have been possible without your assistance. After the fundraiser, each member helped clean up, leaving your property even cleaner than we found it. It was their way of saying thanks. I just had to write you and tell you how pleased I am to know that there are property owners in our community such as you who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to thank you and let you know your kindness did not go unrecognized. Thank you!!!

Truly yours,

Your Name

Your Group


Your Group Name

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