Fun School Fundraiser Ideas That Promote Child Safety

Different institutions in society have been recently affected by the economic situation occurring globally. The government has been forced to cut public budgets, businesses had to lay off several of their employees, and the prices of various goods and services were raised to avoid profit loss. Schools have also had to cut their budget for different school activities, functions, and materials. This is why school fundraisers are very important. These income-generating projects cater to the extra expenses schools need in order to function as the second home for children. Proceeds from these fundraisers could for example pay for educational class trips; Provide equipment needed by the school's sports division, assist students who lack financial support, and many more.

There is a variety of school fundraiser ideas that have been practiced by most schools. But the most common and popular form is the door-to-door selling of different food products such as cookies or candy by students. This may be one of the most profitable forms of school fundraising, but is also the most dangerous. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of crimes targeting children. Asking students to go door-to-door only increases the risk of them getting harmed by strangers. In addition, the absence of adults during fundraising activities, specifically that of teachers, parents, or any of the school's staff, compromises the safety of the students.

School fundraiser ideas should not be limited to the efforts of the students. They should involve the participation and supervision of adults in order to ensure the safety of students. One fun and safe idea is to organize a school fair open to the community wherein different kinds of booths which including selling food and asking money to play a variety of games will be put up and handled by students, teachers, and parents. Another idea is to present a school play wherein the students will be asked to sell tickets to their relatives, friends, and local establishments with the help and guidance of their parents.

To educate students on the importance of taking care of the environment, the school could organize a recycling drive to promote the habit of recycling and proper waste management. This project will have students and their parents collect newspapers, bottles, and other recyclables from their homes and their neighbors or put out boxes in different local businesses where people could drop off their recyclables. The recyclables will then be brought to recycling centers in exchange for money. Many items such as clothing has become a very popular way to make a small amount of money rather than simply donate them to charity.

The success of such projects involves the participation of students, parents, teachers, school staff, and the whole community. With the growing dangers of door-to-door fundraising, schools should think of fun yet safe alternatives which involve adult participation and supervision. Parents should also participate in suggesting school fundraiser during PTA meetings that they could work on together with their children including any fundraising using the internet which could also be open to abuse without supervision. The community should also play a role in the project by simply supporting the cause.

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