Cultivating Monthly Donors – 3 Email Strategies to Follow Right Away

First things first – running a non-profit organization is no child’s play and to make sure it operates without any major problems it needs ‘donations.’

The fact about donations is that getting and maintaining them is just another difficult job to do, but with the right tactics and skills you’ll be able to retain the donors – thus the donations. The important thing here is cultivating the relationships with donors so you can stay in constant touch with them via phone, messages or email.

This article about cultivating monthly donors specifies the email strategies that nonprofits should follow right away. Read the article until the end for these much required and appreciated email strategies –

Start with a “Thank You”

Start with a thank you and believe me you’ve already made the first positive impression on the donor. Also, it is important to note that the first 24 hours after a donation is made are super important – because that’s when you’re still on the top of your donor’s mind. Make the most of these 24 hours and show them you important they are to your work. Send an email saying thank you and focusing on how important they are for your nonprofit’s mission and how they’re making a huge difference. And remember – there are a number of ways to thank your donors, but no matter what you do and how you choose to do it, just make sure you’re genuine and authentic!

Show Them the Difference They’re Making

One great thing to cultivate your monthly donors and retain them for longer is to show them the difference they’re making in the society with their donations. While the non-profit organization might have a mission that the donor is aware of, it is always a great idea to let them a few necessary details – this makes them feel aware. For example, let them know how a donor’s $10 provides a winter coat for one person at a homeless shelter. Or $20 provides a month of clean water for a community you serve. Whatever the case, create a tangible demonstration of what their monthly contribution will accomplish and send them a short email introducing them to the concept of monthly support. Donors who’re aware where their money is being put to use are typically more concerned and tend to stay longer.

Start a Club – A Commons Club

Try not to pitch your donors individually, and go for the idea of a special donors club. Create a monthly giving program that has a specific name with specific goals. Give the donors exclusive content like badges, newsletters, and even a few freebies (who doesn’t love a soft t-shirt?!) That way, recurring donors will always know that they’re working towards and it will be easy to share their involvement with others and encourage them to get involved too. Donors and potential donors within a club can be targeted together and the results will always be great.

Email marketing for raising funds has for ever been a great thing but with these three strategies of sending an email to the donor you can sure of cultivating a monthly relationship with them for a longer period of time.

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