Charity Organisations – A Brief Overview


Charity organisations basically are those organisations that were established for the sole purpose of performing functions relating to charity. Most of those organisations resources are dedicated for charitable activities. Its primary function is to give benefit to the public by performing worthy causes that helps the public at large. Most of these charity organisations perform functions for community service. Also all the operations performed by those organisations are legal and their policy goes in tune with the general public policy.

Basic characteristics of a Charity organisation

1. It basically has a separate entity and identity and that can also be considered as a trust fund or an establishment.

2. Its most important role is working for the benefit of the public. It can also perform community services or help community groups by using various means.

3. Most of those Charity organisations operates within the frame work of the law and have legal bindings.

4. They usually have different ways to generate revenue for the organisation. Most of the revenues are used for community services. They are basically a non profit organisation.

5. The one and the only function of this type of organisation are charitable.

Organisational structure

The structure of a charitable organisation is just like any other private company. They have their own separate departments and have a hierarchical working structure. The only difference is in the purpose, principal and the values of the charitable organisations and their pursuit for non-profitable venture. There are several ways that the structure of these organisations can be organised, For example, corporation, unincorporated association, foundations and online endeavor. Depending on size and the type of organisation the number of the staff may vary.

Organisational function

Charity organisations have different ways to generate revenues for sustaining their causes. They usually have an active way to raise funds through a campaign or conducting programmes. The community service functions can range from helping other in times of disaster, giving financial aid, medical services, public works and conducting human right activities. They generally function as a welfare organisation and work for the improvement of the society through their charitable function.

There are various types of Charity organisations. They can be classified into various groups, for example, medical, religious, educational and social service groups. These organisations can be established by an individual, group, trust or financial contribution by a benefactor.

In spite of the various types all these organisations have one sole aim i.e. working for the benefit of the public.

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