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London fire disaster
  • Current $100.00
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  • Backers $250,000.00
appeal fund for the London Grenfel tower fire in Notting Hill LondonĀ  6 people have so far died and over 30 are critically injured , please donate , whatever you can afford to help ...
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Xmas without poverty
  • Current $276.00
  • 1%
  • Backers $25,000.00
Christmas is a time for family, for a lot of underprivileged Children, Christmas is not a happy time, help us raise funds to buy some gifts for underprivileged children across the UK. Even $1 ...
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  • Current $277.00
  • 18%
  • Backers $1,500.00
War against humanity ...Read More
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Direct Aid For Yezidi in Kurdistan (not a real campaign)
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  • Backers $1,500.00
Did you know that half of the world's hospital beds are filled with people suffering from a water related disease? In developing countries, about 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation ...
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