Getting Beyond the Wastepaper Bin!

Before you make a fundraising bid be clear about what you want; make it evidence based and demonstrate outcomes to be achieved by the funding. To make an effective appeal to industry or commerce you must have a basic [...]

2 Quick Fundraising Ideas To Help Your Teens

Do your kids need money for camp or a missions trip? Then these ideas could work for you. Enjoy. Want more ideas in your inbox? Sign up for my newsletter … source ...Read More

Kids Fundraising Ideas – 8 Simple Winners

Nowadays parents seem to be spending more and more money on their children as they fund their active young lifestyles. Even so the schools, clubs and events they go to are in need of more and more money as [...]

Make Your Fundraising Goals SMART!

How do you set your fundraising goals? Do you randomly choose something or do you methodically select what you’ll work towards? Have you decided to “raise more money than last year” or “get more donors”? No good. Do yourself [...]

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