Fundraising and Volunteering – Find Your Own Passion For Giving

In 2003, I experienced both the happiest day of my life, with my wedding in September, and the saddest, with the passing of my mother in December. Even with the knowledge that she was sick, the end still came [...]

How to Get Sponsorship Deals for Your Events and Projects

How can you as a small business owner take advantage of this Sponsorship for your events and projects and also make some money out of it? Read on to discover how to tap into the Sponsorship arena. The reason [...]

Law of Surplus

It is often easier for corporations (individuals, too) to give non-monetary goods than it is money or grants, especially when tightening budgets. This is called the Law of Surplus. This article will introduce the Law and provide an example [...]

Fundraising in Direct Sales

Holding a fundraiser as a direct sales distributor is an excellent way to find new customers and possibly even a new distributor. Fundraisers are a win-win for both sides. The group or organization raises funds and you find folks [...]

Charity Auction Centerpieces – A Fun Selling Idea

Most nonprofit organizations that are planning a charity auction event find a way to get the centerpieces for the tables donated, or at a reduced cost. Professional charity auctioneers and event organizers sometimes differ on their opinion of whether [...]

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